Campaign Reply is the first iteration of our new product, Start A Fire.
Campaign Reply allowed NGOs to petition MPs, run bespoke petitions and track responses from petition targets - a major innovation and nearly always essential for a legislative reform campaign.
The software was used by a number of major NGOs and an upstart political party to recruit new candidates. The team behind Campaign Reply is now working on Start A Fire, but the software is still available for use.
One fun iteration of Campaign Reply was a simple platform during the 2015 UK general election that allowed civil society groups to ask parliamentary candidates from across the political spectrum questions so citizens could understand their views on certain issues. Candidate Q&As is still online and the source code is open source on Github thanks to Democracy Club.

Campaign Reply Team




Mike Harris

Mike is the founder and CEO of 89up, Europe's first and biggest impact agency for civil society and non-profits and the co-founder of 90up, a creative and influencer agency. He is also the publisher and owner of Little Atoms, an award-winning magazine distributed globally and a podcast and online magazine enjoyed by a global audience of millions.

Mike has excellent political and media connections, with a strong knowledge of the workings of government and international bodies. His campaign experience delivering cross-party support for a new parliamentary bill; international human rights advocacy work engaging Hollywood celebrities that forced 3 banks to stop selling government bonds to support a dictatorship, leading the press and strategy for an Oscar-winning film, the exposure of lobbyists work for corrupt regimes and supporting the launch of multiple grassroots political movements.

Mike Harris