What we do

Social media analysis gives you deep data insights into your cause, your supporters and your potential members. Our social media analyists have the expertise that turns big data into meaningful insights.

Our Approach

Social media data can pinpoint engagement with your audience to street level and potentially capture millions of interactions per day, giving you an unparalleled insight into how to engage people across the world.

89up has access to the most sophisticated tools in the market and has build our own bespoke tools to help non-profits and charities engage in social media mapping.

Big social data can help you understand what people are saying about your issue, or why decision makers are hostile to change. Data produced from mapping can be analysed to find out more about behavioural trends and identify the key influencers and opinion-formers you need to engage with.

Social media mapping can give you the edge in unearthing potential funders and enthusiasts for your cause, and give you insights into the media, influencers and politicians you need to engage with.

Case study: Anthony Nolan


Following the 2015 UK general election, Anthony Nolan wanted to understand how to use social media to engage with the new intake of parliamentarians. Anthony Nolan wanted to understand who on social media was talking about blood cancer, the key influencers and their networks to politicians, the media and decision-makers.

89up used deep social media data mapping to understand the conversations between the influencers.

The data report which analysed millions of tweets highlighted the significant variances in the media that appealed to the new intake of MPs, the key influencers who could be used by Anthony Nolan to take their message to parliamentarians and a core community of the most active social media users talking and campaigning on blood cancer.



Social Media Mapping Team





Josh Feldberg
Director of Social Media

Josh is a digital communications and marketing specialist who's worked for some of the world's biggest brands, agencies, government, and NGOs.

Clients have included: Unilever, HP, Nissan, Budweiser, NHS, DfE, David Miliband, Damian Collins MP, the TUC and Unite. Josh has vast experience in using big data for media planning and strategy. He is also a tech entrepreneur and is the co-founder of two startups: Responsive Sports and Rentify.


Josh Feldberg
Director of Social Media